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Image of A26 Dingo with head on paws

A26 Dingo with head on paws


Strange dingo fact 2 - you can actually have an Australian dingo as a pet! While illegal to own a dingo as a pet in South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland, you can have one with a permit in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria and the ACT. New South Wales is the only state where keeping a dingo as a pet doesn't require a licence. Which doesn't mean of course that you can go and grab one from the bush and get it microchipped and expect a domesticated dog!

Like all wild creatures, it does better in its natural environment.

Photo by Jenny Chivers.

Postcard Specifications
Size: 105 x 148mm (4.13 x 5.83 inches)
Paper: Glossy 300gsm traditional look with clean 90° corners
Language: English

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